Workshops & Professional Development

Self-Care for Educators and Staff

Half or full-day spent guiding teachers and staff through a day of self-care and relaxation. We all know by now that we cannot pour from an empty cup and in education especially, we see folks that just give, give, give, and then never have time to refuel for themselves. During the workshop, we share techniques to build resilience and perseverance in taking care of themselves while having one of the most important jobs in the world. We empower staff with tools to use throughout the year to help prevent burn-out!

Mindful Communication

A special workshop for administrators who wish to bring mindfulness and care in their communication with staff and families. Communicate with empathy and compassion. Resolve conflict effectively, and learn about what our verbal and non-verbal cues are really saying. Learn how we speak and even LISTEN affects our relationships with others. This is a wonderful workshop for administrators or any type of team working together. We recommend this training for: grade group PLCs, administrator teams, Board of Education staff, Child Study Teams, and any other small group.

Mindful Moments

Want to bring mindfulness to your school setting but don't have a designated schedule for it, yet? Start by introducing mindful moments that can be incorporated throughout the day-- all you need is a couple of minutes. Great for adults and kids alike!

Chair Yoga

Bring the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to your school or office setting, without having to unroll a mat! This is perfect for those who spend all day sitting at a desk. All you need is your chair and the space around you. Learn poses to promote focus, attention, relaxation, and calm. Breathing exercises to energize and invigorate or to calm and focus. This is a great introduction to the benefits of yoga especially if space is limited.