Mrs Kret's Favorite Things

Amazon List of Mrs. Kret's Favorite Supplies for the classroomAmazon Wish List
Responsive Classroom Book Store--I go crazy shopping in here, because you need ALL the books :)Responsive Classroom Book Store
She has an awesome page-a-day calendar and other inspirational products that will bring light and love to your classroom.Buddha Doodles
Great magazine to help support you on your mindfulness journey.Mindful Magazine and Blog
Blog and site specifically for Teachers using Mindfulness--bookmark it or sign up for their newsletter.Mindful Teachers

Links to Resources

General Teacher HelpResponsive ClassroomHere you can sign-up to receive newsletters, check out their blog, social media, shop for books, and get information about upcoming workshops and conferences.
Middle School/ Upper ElementaryDevelopmental DesignsSign-up for their newsletters, blog, social media. Great informational bank of games, songs, greetings and other MM ideas.
Watch and LearnDevelopmental Designs YouTubeSee practices in play!
Watch and LearnResponsive Classroom YouTubeSee practices in play, and keynote speakers from conferences.
Morning MessageScholastic Daily StartersA great resource for daily edits, math problem of the day, and fun facts you can include in your morning messages.
Morning MessageBrainDenJokes, riddles, and puzzle ideas for your daily message.
Morning MessageFree Mad LibsFree Mad Libs.
Morning MessageThinkable PuzzlesThese are great for morning messages or even motivation before you begin a lesson. I loved keeping one displayed in the corner of my board everyday, for kids to solve when finished work. (Heads up, they make you watch an ad before you enter the site.)
Activities/Brain BreaksGoNoOdleLove this site! They have everything from guided dance, kids zumba, to yoga and guided breathing. I use this throughout my day--especially during testing season or rainy days.
InspirationalSoulPancake YoutubeAmazing YouTube channel I use to motivate kids and adults alike. This is also the channel where you can find the only and only Kid President :)
Morning MessageThis Day in HistoryHistory Channel's "This Day in History" page. You can use this for a plethora of things in your classroom. Most often, I use it for my morning message.
Morning MessageDays of the YearDid you know that August 15th is Lemon Meringue Pie day? Find a years worth of interesting and funny days. I use this for morning messages, celebrations, and writing activities.
InspirationalValues.comI love this site to introduce and teach values. You can print of their billboards for your classroom , or even create your own--a great project for your class at the end of the year.
Great Books for Character EducationCharacter Ed booksWonderful book suggestions for teaching Character Educations.