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Services Provided

Professional Development

Workshops tailored to your school and staff needs; ranging from half-day information sessions to multiple day training periods. These serve as an introduction of the programs you plan to implement during the school year.

Coaching and Support

On campus coaching sessions and continued guidance in implementing various programs that were introduced during professional development workshops. I will provide modeling and instructional feedback, as well as work in conjunction with the Administrative team to carry out these programs to fruition.
  • Jennifer G., Principal
    "Kate has ignited my teachers to shift their thinking about “Morning Meeting.” No longer are homeroom periods devoted to collecting homework assignments and organizing backpacks. She has helped to transform a climate and has provided teachers and administrators with the tools and support to do so. The elements of responsive classroom that Kate has brought to Forrestdale are inspirational as a school Principal and have helped to breathe new life into our classrooms. Our students and teachers are engaged in meaningful dialogue about character education topics, school-wide concerns, and about making connections with one another. This has translated to students taking more risks in their learning and teachers seeing their students in a different light, highlighting their potential. This has paid dividends in our students’ academic, social and emotional success and growth.”
    Jennifer G., Principal
  • Vera R., Supervisor of Student Services
    "Kate Kret knows how to deliver professional development to the adult learner. She provides experiential activities throughout her Responsive Classroom training so that staff know how to immediately put in to practice all of the wonderful elements of this worthy approach! Our staff truly loved working with Kate to develop their morning meetings. The resources Kate provided for our staff along with her supportive approach enabled us to begin the transition toward becoming a Responsive Classroom school district. Thanks Kate!”
    Vera R., Supervisor of Student Services