About Me

My beliefs

  • We as adults must work to develop our own Social Emotional competencies in order to teach and model successfully for our students.
  • Teachers should work together as a collaborative whole, supporting one another and displaying the exact climate and culture we wish to teach our students.
  • We as Teachers, Staff and Administrators must provide a caring, safe, and successful environment for our students.
  • Social Emotional Learning is critical when the demands on students' and the rigor of instruction is at the current level of today's schools.

  • Teaching resilience, mindfulness and stress-coping techniques should be a part of the curriculum in every classroom, as we see our students battling to find balance younger and younger every year.
Hello, I am Kathryn Kret! I am an Elementary and Middle School English teacher, currently working as a consultant and stay at home mom. My educational journey started at as an Elementary Teacher and has grown tremendously since then. During my teacher training I was able to team teach, shadow exceptional teachers all over the state and was first exposed to the Responsive Classroom approach. After graduation, I started teaching in a Charter School in Philadelphia. It was here that I was able to see the importance of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills and the dire need for Character Education. I made it my personal mission to educate myself the best I could, so I could be a better teacher to my students and provide the type education they really needed, and in my opinion yearned for. I was soon a teacher leader and training the staff in Responsive Classroom.

However, as much as I loved my job in Philadelphia, the ocean was calling me and I eventually moved to the Jersey Shore. Here is where I really got a taste of the depth of the education field. I spent time exploring Special Education, taking classes and working as an aide in different schools. I was then hired to work in an Autistic Classroom and was coached in ABA, this is also where I came to learn and love Occupational Therapy. Because I have such a thirst for knowledge, I actually took a year to work with a family privately using ABA while going back to school and shadowing Occupational Therapists. I want to know everything I can to be the best teacher, for whatever student walks into my classroom.

Soon I was taking all of my newfound knowledge and using it in my own classroom teaching 5th grade. I continued teaching and learning full time until I was offered an amazing opportunity. The district I was working for wanted to improve the current Character Education and SEL program in the school and wanted me to spearhead it, with the help of the Child Study Team. So, we decided to start small and train the staff in Morning Meeting and slowly but surely advance the program to increase the community and parent involvement; to make a change in the entire district. After coming back from maternity leave, I am now at a new district working with an excited staff! I am currently coaching, and supervising teachers and staff members as we implement Morning Meeting and district wide initiatives to support SEL education. I have since become certified in Yoga and Mindfulness (ages 2-18), and School Leadership for Social Emotional Learning and Character Development.

I cannot say how much I believe in the importance of this type of learning in our schools and for mankind in general. I honestly feel blessed to be able to do this work, as it is something that I am not only passionate about but have seen the amazing results--in students, teachers, and families. Through Social Emotional learning we are giving our children the skills they need to survive in this ever evolving world.