Morning Meeting Checklist

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September 29, 2017
Character Education Monthly Themed Morning Meetings
October 11, 2017

Morning Meeting Checklist

Are You Hitting All the Marks?

Yes it is only the second month of school, but it’s time for a check-in! Below is the link for a rubric used to assess your Morning Meeting. I want you to review this list and honestly rate yourself and whether or not you are hitting each mark 100% of the time. If not, make the changes TODAY. If you are– high five! Celebrate those victories! This exact rubric is what I will be using to assess Morning Meetings as I walk around the building– this provides feed back for me on areas that you may need helpful reminders, and areas where I can offer support to talk your meeting to a whole other level. Self-reflection and making changes where needed is essential to improve your skills, and it is something we expect from our students on a daily basis. Be the model.

**Rubric located in my shared Google Drive in the Main Folder**

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