Character Education Monthly Themes

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September 5, 2017
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October 2, 2017

Character Education Monthly Themes

Character Education Monthly Themes

Morning Meeting Ideas

September Fall into Making Good Choices Responsibility
October Respect Rocks Respect
November Operation Cooperation Citizenship
December The Gift of Peace – Conflict Resolution Cooperation
January Change Your Words, Change Your Mindset Perseverance
February Be K.I.N.D. (Kids Involved in Nice Deeds) Caring
March Fair is Not Always Equal Fairness
April Be a S.T.A.R. (Smile, Take a Deep Breath, & Relax) Self-Discipline
May Take a Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes Tolerance
June Character is Doing the Right Thing When Nobody’s Looking Trustworthiness

Start off each new month by introducing your Monthly Theme in Morning Meeting; let the class know that you will continue to touch back on this theme throughout the month. You should introduce the theme and create a y-chart showing what that value looks/sounds/feels like for your students specifically–it should be written in their words (age-appropriate). Create a space for this y-chart to be displayed and added to throughout the month. Encourage them to add ideas to the charts as the month goes on and even to add stories or pictures/examples demonstrating this value in their life or in the world. By the end of the month you should have discussed this value during at LEAST three morning meetings (about once a week).


Check back here each month for Morning Meeting ideas based off of each monthly theme.

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