Morning Meeting Refesher

Monday Meditation
October 31, 2016
Monday Meditation
November 7, 2016

Morning Meeting Refesher

As we enter into the third month of school and will now start losing time to holiday breaks and half-days, let’s use this time to make sure our MM is buttoned up and running efficiently!
Order of MM
1. Message is posted as class enters homeroom–students are encouraged to read and interact if necessary
2. Signal your students to meet you in the designated MM area and begin the meeting with a GREETING
3. After everyone is greeted, begin your SHARE—whip, partner or dialogue
4. When the share is complete it is time for the GROUP ACTIVITY–make sure to model and practice any new skills or behaviors needed for this activity to be successful
5. Signal for the game to end and have students circle up once more to end the meeting by reading and discussing the Meeting Message

**Remember to “sweat the small stuff” and stop all unwanted behaviors immediately—protect the rules so the rules can protect your students**

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